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At least two people have been killed in a rare Mediterranean hurricane that toppled trees, cut off power and caused severe flooding. The Coast Guard says five sunken boats and a lot of foam has been blown into the Mediterranean since the Ianos landed. It is also known as Zante and has had activities such as the holiday colossus Mark Warner.

A Ai Helis is the most popular tourist destination in Kefalonia and one of the best hotels in the country. It has a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, shops, hotels and restaurants and can be part of a package that combines accommodation with equipment rental and lessons.

Other exceptional beaches in Kefalonia are Xi Beach, known for its water sports. On the west side of the island there are other popular tourist destinations such as the beach in the town of Kalymnos. Water sports and colymbithre, including pedal boat fishing and banana boats, are found here, although they are more tourist.

You may be a hardcore open water swimmer, but adrenaline lovers will find motorized action in the form of extreme water sports, including scuba diving and crazy couches. Kefalonia has many dive sites to keep advanced divers busy, from the best wreck diving in the Mediterranean to the most beautiful beaches, the sky is the limit. Visit the divers of Fiskardo to explore the fantastic variety of dive sites on the island, or the Naxos Little Cyclades Swim Trek tour to explore one of the best wrecks in Greece and some of the most spectacular beaches.

Get to know the best things to do in Kefalonia and plan your holidays on this stunning Greek island. Greece is also likely to be the most popular place for honeymoons, as the wedding anniversary is celebrated in 2021, making it the perfect holiday for a 'honeymoon'. The best places to visit and experience the island culture and bee world are perfect for a holiday and honeymoon.

Combined with the relaxed atmosphere and convenient location, this island is a great retreat for people on a small or medium budget.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the city, Myrtos should be at the top of everyone's itinerary. Kefalonia is really a must for holidaymakers, so go to our list of 8 places in and around Kebale in Greece.

If you love snorkeling and diving, you will love the seabed of the islands, but there is no better way to see the whole world of water without going diving or snoring. By combining paddling or camping with a stay in a guest house, you can discover the rugged beauty of the Ionian Islands.

The Ionian Islands are blessed with conditions that are particularly suitable for beginners and make them a great place to learn a new sport. In fact, Kefalonia is considered one of the best dive sites in Greece, and the beaches are visible from almost anywhere in the world, even from the Mediterranean.

From action activities to large organized beaches, Kefalonia offers all kinds of water sports to all water sports lovers. From the beaches of Skala and other places you can practice paragliding, jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. The small caves are teeming with underwater life and also host some of the best dive sites in the world.

You can hike to the top and ski, kayak, dive and even swim in the sea.

Santorini Sea Kayaking offers cycling and paddling to Ano Kefalonia, the largest island in the Aegean Sea in Greece. If you want to rent luxury cars in luxury, we have a special collection and drop off service. This company operates and offers car rental services for luxury cars at Kfelonia airport and throughout Greece, which offer you the possibility to reach from the airport in less than 2 hours by car or boat or even by plane.

Paros, the Cycladic sister of Naxos, offers similar water sports that will delight you, including hiking, and is perfect for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking. We are the right people to make a mark in the leisure industry and to lead small, friendly teams to the water sports areas of Greece.

This picturesque village is the birthplace of the Greek poet Nikos Kavvadias, who normally wrote about the sea. The mountains that dominate Kefalonia are Ainos, whose summit reaches 1628 meters and the only one on this Greek island. This is a place where Lord Byron went to seek inspiration for his poems, and it is home to one of his most famous poems, "The Sea of Galilee."

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