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Two people have died and another is missing after a rare cyclone hit Greece on Friday night over the Mediterranean. Following a cyclone in the Mediterranean that devastated the southern coast of the island of Crete and parts of southern Italy and southern Spain, the Greek civil protection authorities have declared a state of high alert.

The category 1 hurricane hit land on Crete on Friday night, bringing heavy rain and squalls that caused widespread damage to homes and businesses and power outages. Storm Ianos is being compared to a hurricane normally in the Caribbean, which is expected to hit Athens between Friday night and Saturday. If necessary, we can move into next year, "according to the website of the Greek Weather Service (GSM).

Looking for a book for August overlooking the sea or at least exploring the area? Connect with holidaymakers and owners in Kefalonia and book rental properties in one of the most popular tourist areas in the country.

There you can enjoy local feta cheese and goats, prepared in the local way, and participate in a lively feast with traditional music and dance. Traditional music is also accompanied by a traditional dance performance by the Kefalonia Ballet, a local dance group. The biggest event is also the annual festival of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. John the Evangelist with its traditional dances, music, dance and food.

The Orthodox religion, almost half of the population of Christianity, is the foundation of the culture of Cephalonia and there are great holidays associated with the adoration of Christ and the commemoration of the patron saint. In Greek, this holiday is known as Panagia (holy) and in English it can be called many different names, but in Greek it refers to Theotokos (which means God's bearer) or te TheOTokou (which means It is considered the most important holiday in the Orthodox Church of the Evangelist John. There are a number of other festivals and celebrations, such as the festivals of Christmas, New Year, Easter, Christmas and Easter Sunday, and some major festivals in other parts of Greece. The special is the feast of the Virgin Mary on 15 August, the other major ones on 1 October, 2 November and 4 December.

Those who want to attend one of these services should probably book their accommodation long in advance, as it seems that many believers sleep under the tree in front of the church. This is very common in Greece during religious festivals and also in Cephalonia.

If you want to visit the island in October, when the crowds are fleeing home, then head to the Santorini Adventure Race in October. Even if you decide to stay only for the race and extend your visit by a few days, you should not miss the Sant orini Experience.

Whether in the form of a brass band, a dance party or even a religious festival, depending on the location. Whatever religion you have, you can join the religious festivals, as they have become an integral part of Greek culture.

If you are in Kefalonia on May 21, remember that shops, banks and other facilities may be closed. Greek names are present in the calendar, along with the names of the saints, and because of their importance, August 15th is the most prominent Greek holiday, which only loses importance after Easter and Christmas. The name of this day is well known, because it is also a holiday. And it's harder to remember his birthday.

When you visit the island at the end of the month, you will find many tourist attractions such as beaches, beaches and villages. These are the things you need to visit when you go to an island like Kefalonia, and they will make you fall in love with it.

Greece is a fascinating country where you can visit ancient archaeological sites, swim in the majestic waters, visit ancient temples and temples and relax on the beaches of Kefalonia. The beaches in Kebbe are among the most photogenic in Greece, we speak of white sand slides giving way to forests - trimmed bays where sunsets and sunrises last for hours.

This Eortia festival takes place during the Sami summer and the events include a swimming competition on the stunning beach of Avlomonas. It also includes cultural events that take place in the city of Kefalonia, such as the Kebbe Folk Festival, the Festival of Eortias and a number of other events.

The retreat package includes the local pool where aqua aerobics is held, the famous capital Argostoli where food is served, and a range of other activities. On the nearby beach there is a wine bar - a covered tavern where visitors can buy wine and beer as well as a variety of food and drinks.

In Skiathos harbour, Bourtzi Cultural Center presents a series of classic dramas staged in the style of the most famous opera houses in Cephalonia. The wreck of the British submarine HMS Perseus lies 52 metres deep in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Argostoli. In addition, a classic drama will be performed on the beach at the same time as the festival.

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More About Kefalonia